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Short Stories


"All the Dead Astronauts" (reprint) - Afterlives: The Best Death Stories of 2023 (Psychopomp, July 2024)

"The Ocean Vomits What We Discard" - The Off-Season (Dark Matter INK, 2024)

"Yellow Girls" - Death in the Mouth Vol 2


"Unnecessary Necromancy" - Shadows In the Stacks (Spirited Giving, May 2024)

"Lamai" - Why Didn't You Just Leave (Cursed Morsels Press, April 2024)

"Cherry Cola Lips" - Escalators to Hell (From Beyond Press, Feb 2024)

"Why Can't We Live With Ghosts?" (non-fiction) - Cosmic Horror Monthly (issue #44, Feb 2024)
"RE: the hand (of god)" - Dead Letters: Episodes of Epistolary Horror (Crystal Lake Publishing, Dec 2023)
"Meaningless Flesh" - Open All Night (Atomic Carnival Books, Oct 2023)

"Every Form of Person" - The Canterbury Nightmares (Crossroad Press, Sept 2023)

"The Only Thing Different Will Be the Body" (reprint, podcast) - Tales to Terrify (episode 601, Aug 2023)

"All the Dead Astronauts" - The First Five Minutes of the Apocalypse (Hungry Shadow Press, July 2023)

"These Small Violences" - No Trouble At All (Cursed Morsels Press, June 2023)

"Consider This an Opportunity" - Monstrous Futures (Dark Matter INK, April 2023)

"Everything Here is Mine" (reprint, podcast) - Unfeared: A Podcast of Ghost Stories Written by Women (Feb 2023)

"Thai Spirits & Longing to Belong" (nonfiction) - Unquiet Spirits: Essays by Asian Women in Horror (Black Spot Books, February 2023)

"Seldom Place" - Mooncalves (NO Press, March 2023)

"No Baggage" - Deadly Drabble Tuesday (Hungry Shadow Press, January 2023)

"The Only Thing Different Will Be the Body" (PseudoPod, November 2022)

"The Farmer's Son" - Campfire Macabre: Vol 2 (Cemetery Gates Media, September 2022)

"Our Perpetual Intention" - Shredded: A Sports & Fitness Body Horror Anthology (Cursed Morsels Press, August 2022)

"In the Jaws of a Beautiful Beast" - Picnic in the Graveyard (Cemetery Gates Media, May 2022)

"In the Right Hands" - Tales From Between - April 2022


"The Only Thing Different Will Be the Body" - A Woman Built By Man (ed. S.H. Cooper, Cemetery Gates Media, January 2022)

"Contrition (1998)" (reprint) - The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 13 (ed. Ellen Datlow, November 2021)

"With Animals" - What One Wouldn't Do (ed. Scott J. Moses, October 2021)

"Another Night on Earth" - Underland Arcana, Issue 3: Summer 2021 (free to read online, July 2021)

"Until There's Nothing Left" (reprint - podcast) - The Wicked Library (June 2021)

"We Were Supposed to Be Happy" (reprint) - Terrifying Ghosts Short Stories (Flame Tree Publishing, June 2021)

"The Second Reflection" - Paranormal Contact: A Quiet Horror Confessional, (Cemetery Gates Media, March 2021)

"With Teeth" - Twisted Anatomy, (Sci-Fi & Scary, February 2021)

"You Are the Arm" - Vastarien: A Literary Journal, (Grimscribe Press, December 2020)

"Contrition (1998)" -  Oculus Sinister (Chthonic Matter, December 2020)

"Every Time She Kills Him" (reprint - podcast) - Tales to Terrify, November 2020

"You Do What You're Told" - Apparition Literary Magazine (Issue 12: Satisfaction, October 2020)

"Cold-Blooded Old Times" - Places We Fear to Tread (Cemetery Gates Media, September 2020)

"Until There's Nothing Left" (reprint) - Graveyard Smash: 2020 Women of Horror Anthology (Kandisha Press, July 2020)

"Darling Jane" (reprint) - Fright Girl Summer

"Those Who Made Us" - LampLight Volume 8, Issue 3 & 4 (Apokrupha, June 2020)

"The House Where We All Live" (reprint) - Ghost Stories for Starless Nights (DBND Publishing, May 2020)

"Darling Jane" - The Macabre Museum (online only, October 2019)

"Everything Here Is Mine" (reprint) - The Corona Book of Ghost Stories (Corona Books UK, October 2019)

"Sometimes We're Cruel" - Nightscript V (Chthonic Matter, October 2019)

"Luksaw" - Immersion: An Asian Anthology of Love, Fantasy & Speculative Fiction (Dark Helix Press, September 2019)

"We Were Supposed to Be Happy" - She's Lost Control (Post Mortem Press, February 2019)

"Exactly As We Are Meant to Be" - Transcendent (Transmundane Press, December 2018)

"The House Where We All Live" - Ink Stains Vol. 10 (Dark Alley Press, October 2018)

"Every Time She Kills Him" - Lost Souls (Flame Tree Publishing,  September 2018)

"Until There's Nothing Left" - The Misbehaving Dead (A Murder of Storytellers, October 2017)

"Everything Here Is Mine" - Unfading Daydream Issue 2: Supernatural  (September 2017)

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