Sometimes We're Cruel  and Other Stories

The Debut Collection from J.A.W. McCarthy

Coming August 17, 2021
from Cemetery Gates Media

A town where people go missing and inexplicably return as cruel versions of themselves.

A not-quite-human mother races against time to build a new body for her ailing daughter.

Lovesick ghosts inhabit the body parts of living people in a world where the only other choice is amputation.

A woman takes extreme measures to combat the repercussions of a childhood hazing ritual gone wrong.

Obsession. Selfishness. Cruelty. Doppelgängers. In these dark, speculative stories—six reprints and six never before published, including the novelette “Girls Tied to Trees”—J.A.W. McCarthy explores how far humans and the not-quite-human will go to tame the darkness in their world and within themselves.

Table of Contents

Sometimes We're Cruel

You Do What You're Told

With You As My Anchor

Black Doves

Those Who Made Us

The Flame That Takes

You Are The Arm

Exactly As We Are Meant To Be

When Your Ghost Comes In

Contrition (1998)

Something All The Little Girls Want

Girls Tied To Trees

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